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 Anime of the month #1

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Ryan Dreyar


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PostSubject: Anime of the month #1   Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:18 am

Oayk it may not be every month but i will due anime review on what i think is the best anime to watch. So anyways let the review begin.

The anime of the month is called The World God Only Knows. At first when i heard about this anime, I though it would be about religion but I was wrong. Instead it was about something else that was greater then I then I could have ever thought. The show has 3 seasons each containing 12 episodes with 1 OVA and 1 two part special. Note if you plan on watching this make sure to view the 2 part special after you have finished the second season or else the 3rd season will not make much sense. 

Okay with that out of the way now its time for what the anime is about. The anime is about a high schooler named Keima Katsuragi who hates reality all together and only plays dating sim games on his PFP that he carries around all the time. Yes its a PFP and it looks like a PSP its really funny. I can kind of relate to him for i hate reality too and like games. He calls himself the "God of Conquest" because he has "concurred" almost every dating sim game there is in the anime. Anyways once day while he was reply to e-mails from people asking for tips he gets an e-mail that forces him to sign a contract with a demon named Elsie who becomes his partner as they must catch lost souls that are inside the emptiness of a girls heart. Its ironic how he hates real life girls but has to do what was sign on the contract because if he refuses to help, both their heads would be cut off. Anyways a lost soul is an ancient demon that likes to feed on negative energy from the emptiness of hearts preferably girls. So the only way to chase them out is to fill their hearts and get rid of the emptiness. The only way to do that is that they have to be in love. Its Katsuragi's job to make the girls with lost souls fall in love with him and Elsie's job to capture the lost soul before it escapes. Yes a demon who isn't really scary needs to have help by a human male so that they can get an ancient demon that escaped hell back into hell. 

Now that ive finished the hard part, I will not focus on the music. This anime is a little strange with the music but its really good. The openings will always be in English while the endings will be Japanese. Me I like to listen to the opening more then the endings but there is one ending I do like. If you want to check out the music you can look it up on YouTube or watch the anime. The first opening is called God Only Knows. At first i though it was bad but an the end of the second season, I really started to like the song. Its ending is called Koi no Shirushi. The second opening is called A Whole New World God Only Knows. Now this one i though was amazing and its my personal favorite opening out of the series. The ending is called Ai no Yokan. The third opening is called God Only Knows- Secret of the Goddess and was the first opening I listen to on YouTube and is what got me to watch the anime and I also like it. The Ending Music is called Kizuna no Yukue. 

Final Result: 4/5
Drama isn't my favorite type of anime but this one did have some good and funny moments in it. I recommend for people who like romantic and funny anime or for people who want to try something new (which was my case lol). 

I looked like this back then but i changed for the better. 
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Anime of the month #1
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