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 SDA's New Temporary Test Rubric (TESTERS MUST READ)

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Ichigan Miwa

Ichigan Miwa

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PostSubject: SDA's New Temporary Test Rubric (TESTERS MUST READ)   Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:22 pm

This is SDA's Temporary Testing Rubic (The test will be a match(2/3) duel):

NO Tier 1 Decks Allowed!

Banned Decks:

Ban decks include: All Burn, Exodia Decks, Stall, Mill, Instant Win, Countdown.

Duel Results Testee/Tester ?/20
0/2=0 points 
1/2=10 points
2/1=15 points
2/0=20 points

Control of Duel ?/10 (Did the testee have an advantage from the entire duel?) 

Deck construction ?/20

Misplays ?/5

Tech Cards ?/5

Concentration ?/10

Side deck  ?/15

Attitude ?/5

Number of Cards ?/10
If they win 2 duels in your test do not count anything off here even if they are using a 60 card deck

Test Results ?/100 

Dark Magic, Maroon - 100 (Perfect Score)
Dark Magician, Purple - 90-99
Dark Magician Girl, Pink - 61-89 
Magician's Valkyria - 0-60
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Ω Lord Omega Ω
Ω Lord Omega Ω

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PostSubject: Re: SDA's New Temporary Test Rubric (TESTERS MUST READ)   Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:12 am

This is a very gud Rubric, Gj Supreme Nachos Very Happy


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SDA's New Temporary Test Rubric (TESTERS MUST READ)
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