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 Master of Magicians Has Arrived

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PostSubject: Master of Magicians Has Arrived   Wed Apr 29, 2015 10:35 am

Greetings fellow duelists. I'm Sparky, also known as Sparking Mage. I'm a veteran duelist and an adamant "Dark Magician" player. It is, has been, and always shall be my main deck. When people think of me and dueling, they think of Dark Magicians.

Quick info about me:

Age: Mid 20s
Likes: YuGiOh, Gx, 5Ds, D&D, role-playing, drawing, story writing, magic.
Dislikes: Zexal, Arc V, sore-winners/losers, Burn decks, ignorance, arrogance.
Decks: Dark Magicians, Six Samurai, HEROes, Harpie Lady, Fortune Lady, Character themed.
Positive Qualities: Charming, kind, open minded, reasonable, down to earth, generally likable, opinionated.
Negative Qualities: I can get heated over topics, can be a procrastinator, opinionated.
(Opinionated is both good and bad so....)

I look forward to visiting this site more
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Master of Magicians Has Arrived
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