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 A little something I made

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Ryan Dreyar


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PostSubject: A little something I made   Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:08 pm

So i made up this scene from an anime i kind of mad by combining Fairy Tail and the characters from the game Elsword.

Announcer: Now for last battle of this third day of the Grand Magic games. Its Ryan Dreyar vs Even Eucliffe. Both are sons of the Dragon slayers Laxus and Sting. 

Ryan: I've been waiting for this, the day i can punch your face. Even: I can agree the same thing Ryan.

Announcer: Now then Let us begin the stage for this fight will be in.... oh New York City. Load up the Virtual World. Good luck to our fighters, BEGIN!!!!!!

Ryan: I'll start it off lightning body plus lighting punch!! Even: Holy Shield!! *blocks Ryan's attack* Even: White Dragon's Roar!!! Ryan: Lightning Body!! *dodges the roar* Ryan and Even: huh? what is that light.

Announcer: What is this a light. What is happening to those two. Ryan and Even what is this a take-over form. Ryan and Even: ahhh!!!! *Ryan transforms into a Diabolic Esper while Even transforms into a Tactical Trooper* Ryan(DE): I'll destroy you TT. Even(TT): In your dreams DE. *After some intense fighting both decide to finish the match* Ryan and Even: Lets Finish This!!! Ryan: Lightning Plasma Dragon's Even: White Artillery Dragon's Both: Roar!!!!! 

Announcer: It can't be both used their dragon roar but this doesn't feel right. Laxus: *In complete shock* Since when did he know dragon slayer magic. Wait what is this power I've felt it before. Sting:*Also in complete shock* Where did i feels this power from hmmm. Announcer: Oh no the virtual world can't take all that magic energy its going to collapse and they will come back to our world. Hurry put up the magic shields. 

*The power of the two roars erupt into a powerful eruption* Announcer: They broke through th...this energy. *The audience begins to scream. As now the powerful eruption settles down everyone gets back to their seats and wait for the smoke to clear out. Announcer: Well that was something now that the smoke has cleared lets see who wins. It can't be we have no winner both are down repeat both are knocked out resulting this match in a tie. Both teams will get 1 point. Laxus and Sting: I remember now that dream. *both go into a flash back* Mysterious people: When you feel our powers you know that the end of your world will be soon. Once all 10 of us are awake, they will destroy everything. *returns from the flash back* Laxus and Sting: It can't be that's the same power i felt so those two were just two to awake them just 8 more to go. Announcer: This was a scary and exciting last battle of the 3rd day of the Grand Magic Games. Be here tomorrow for more heated matches. 

So what do you think. Sorry its long but i came up with a lot. I wanted to add more but its all I have.

I looked like this back then but i changed for the better. 
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A little something I made
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