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 Jadens test results

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PostSubject: Jadens test results   Jadens test results I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2015 10:06 am

Match Results

Mermails versus Blackwings

2-1 to testee - 6/10

Main Deck Structure 20/25

The deck is a straight forward blackwings deck. It seems very consistent since most of the cards are run at 3 unless they are cards that are limited or stupid to run at 3 or 2. Not very imaginative but its hard to be and the only thing the deck lacks is draw power i reccomend 2 dualitys or triple upstart to speed the deck up a bit

Side Deck Structure 3/5

The side deck is good but lacks some resistance to some of the meta mostly being nekroz a mind drain or shared ride could go a long way. He sided in 3 Vanity's which was a good choice since it was the only thing worth siding in

Extra Deck Structure  11/15

the extra deck needs a little work somethings should be played as doubles and others should be cut out by figuring out what he never uses and what he does

Tech Cards 3/5

Effect veiler could be considered a tech since it is uncommon to main deck and this allows bls to be played. It had synergy with the deck and worked well but there was nothing particularly original 

Concentration 20/20

He stayed well concentrated throughout the duel told me when he was thinking so he never dissapeared

the testee picked up on my solemn warning mistake 

the testee picked up on me trying to get my cost back

the testee picked up on my abyss sphere misplay

Duel Control 7/10

The effect veiler was a great card to restrict my plays

1st match i started with control but he got me top decking and gained conrol which then switched back to me.

2nd match he used his opening hand to gain a bit of control but expended his resources to quickly until he made a very good move and regained control which was followed by 4-5 grindy turns where he eventually won

3rd match was close at the start but he figured beelze was an achilles heel for my deck so he dropped it early and won

Misplays 4/5

only one missplay knew more advanced rulings aswell

notes- i like the way you duel very protectively not going for huge plays too often im sure youll move up in your retest

Total 74/100

80-100 Places you into Dark magician purple

60-79 Places you in Dark magician girl pink

0-59 Places you in Magicians valkyrie yellow

Welcome to Dark magician girl! I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Jadens test results
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