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 Anime of the month #2

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Ryan Dreyar


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PostSubject: Anime of the month #2   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:12 pm

I'm back with a new anime of the month. This month's anime is Gurren Lagann.

Gurren Lagann at first seems kind of boring but really its deep. Not romantic deep but though deep. The main character of this anime Simon (si-mone) shows us throughout the story line to never give up no matter what not even if the universe was going to die. He shows the viewers just how strong the human race can be if we put our minds to it. Really we don't even use all of our brain but what this anime shows is the potential we might just have in a cool sy-fi. Anyways this anime does have one downside that lots of anime commonly holds, its that this anime adds unnecessary plot twists through the story line. But all in all this anime is a must watch for everyone, even if they don't like anime. Really watch this and take lesson on just how special anyone can be.

I have to give this anime a 5/5. This anime was really good although I haven't read the manga but i know its about the same as the anime. I know this review does kind of suck but you know what who cares. All that is it is my opinion if the anime is good or not. This anime does take in a life lesson if you really care enough to go through with it. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the review I really tried my best with it. ^\_/^

I looked like this back then but i changed for the better. 
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Anime of the month #2
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