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 Top 10 Video Games of all time.

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PostSubject: Top 10 Video Games of all time.   Sun Mar 15, 2015 11:52 am

plz provide an explanation to each game you list, note these are all through personal opinion, so not hating... plz

10. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelist of the Roses: i wasn't big into yugioh video games, but for some reason...this couldn't stop me from playing it.

9. Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising: you can command your own armies and fight, to conquer. sooo fun, with the japanese army, i mean their best unit is a giant robot head (called the Giga Fortress). xD 

8. The Legend of Spyro Series: yes i'll admit, spyro started mutating in this, but you also have to admit that he kicked some series ass in this.

7. Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour: same concept of Red alert three, but this one has three armies and 9 generals to choose to command. The Generals' Challenge takes the cake though.

6. Diablo II Lord of Destruction: this game is way better than Diablo III, it is also the expansion to Diablo II, where you journey to kill Baal.

5. Final Fantasy X: the story is so good that it makes you come back for more, and the tears don't stop (in the sad scenes).

4. Kingdom Hearts II: when you play a game directly from your childhood, your input changes...and you understand more

3. Tony Hawk's Underground: everyone who played this game, will agree with me... This Game was Awesome

2. Assassin's Creed Revelations: i personally think that this has the best story of all ac games, (plz note i've yet to play liberation and unity)

1. Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen: yes, the very same game that has the "Strigoi" is number one, why? Because Bitterblack isle has you playing until you have everything, and i mean everything


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Yami Yugi


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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Video Games of all time.   Wed Mar 18, 2015 5:58 pm

I really liked Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 for the xbox 360!

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Top 10 Video Games of all time.
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