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 Testing Info

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Ichigan Miwa

Ichigan Miwa

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PostSubject: Testing Info   Testing Info I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 07, 2015 6:24 pm

Do not ask a Tester for a test or else they will just refer you to this page, if you continue to spam them, any of the following may occur depending on their mood:

Attempt to get you banned by saying "Don't pm me" (Just stop messaging them when they say this)
Not test you for a long time
Ban you from testing again
Request your removal from the Guild (Only for really bad spam)

Information for Testers and Forum Members: 

People wanting tests must post in the "Test Requests" section listed on the Guild forum page. Once you have finished testing them, please edit the title of their post so that it states that they have already been tested and then lock their post, this will avoid further confusion later on. If you do not have the powers to edit the post name, then please get someone with admin access to change the post name. 

Please ensure that untested members post in the following format: 

Initial Test - This means that they have never been tested on the Forum and need their first test to see what rank they are on the Forum. They also need to post the following information on the post:
Required Information
Dueling Name: - This is their original name they used for Dueling
Join Date: - This date can be found on their profile on the Forum.

Once they have completed this test, you will give them the appropriate amount of Duel Points, this varies on their rank (posted below), higher ranking members will receive more points as they did better on their initial testing’s than other members. 

Dark Magic - Class: 15 DP
Dark Magician - Class: 13 DP
Dark Magician Girl - Class: 11 DP
Magician's Valkyria - Class: 8 DP

Again, if you do not have the admin powers to make alterations to a person's Jewels, then please get another admin to do so for you. Furthermore, please ensure that you change the title of the post accordingly.

Retest - This means that the testee has met the conditions of the retest by having the required amount of Duel Points for a test.
Required Conditions:
30 Duel Points

Required Information
Date of Last Test: - This means their initial test, or their retest, whichever is more recent. 
Dueling Name:
Original Rank:
Improvements made: - Here they will list why they think they have improved over their duration of being a member of the Guild.

War Team Test - This means that they are going to apply for the War Team led by Nightshroud. 
Required Conditions:
50 Duel Points
Dark Magician Girl - Dark Magic Rank
Positive Win/lose in rated duels on the Dueling Network (some acceptations may be made)

Required Information
Dueling Name:
Current Rank:
W/L Ratio:
Strengths: - Information on why they should be on the War Team, what you are best at. 
Weaknesses (Please do not say you have no weaknesses or else we will infer that you are perfect and give you a near impossible test):
Duel Points: 

Judge Test: - This only applies to certain members of the Guild that are in Dark Magician Class and higher. The test will be administered by a specified administrator. They will give you all of the information that you will need upon testing. 
Required conditions:
10 Duel Points:
Dark Magician - Chaos Class/or Konami Judge/Dueling Network Administrator: Konami Judge has to provide screenshot of passing exam or emailed proof. Dueling Network Administrator must provide some sense of valid and solid evidence proving that they once were an admin on Dueling Network. 

Required Information
Dueling Name:
Previous Experience (Konami Judge, Previous DN Admin etc...):
Duel Points:

Deck Builder/Seller Test: 
Required conditions:
10 Duel Points
Dark Magician Girl - Dark Magic Class
Example of Your Best Deck: If you do not want everyone to see your deck, please send it to one of the following: 

Required information
Dueling Name:
Duel Points:
Favorite decks:
Hated decks:

Information for Academy Members: 

Simplified Version (Members must post in this format): 

Initial Test: 

Title: Initial Test - [Insert Dueling Name]
Dueling Network Name: 
Join Date: 


Title: Retest - [Insert Dueling Name]
Date of Last Test: 
Dueling Name:
Original Rank:
Improvements Made: 
Current Duel Points: 

War Team Test: 

Title: War Team Test - [Insert Dueling Name]
Dueling Name:
Current Rank:
W/L Ratio:
Current Duel Points: 

Judge Test: 

Title: Judge Test - [Insert Dueling Name]
Dueling Network Name:
Previous Experience (Konami Judge, Previous DN Admin Etc... Screenshots Please):
Current Class:
Duel Points:

Deck Builder Test:

Title: Deck Builder Test - [Insert Dueling Name]
Dueling Name:
Current Rank: 
Current Duel Points:
Favorite Decks:
Hated Decks: 
Example of a Creative Deck:
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Testing Info
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