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 Dark Magician Girl's test results

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PostSubject: Dark Magician Girl's test results   Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:23 am

Match Results: 0/15 points
-  Satellar w/Trains vs. Fire Fist: ?/15

Match Deck Construction: 30/35

- Consistency: 5/15

Player did not provide the consistency that Fire Fist decks usually present

- Originality: 1/10 

- Side Deck: 0/5
player did not have a side deck

Match Performance: 20/40 points

- Rulings: 10/10

Player did not show any ignorance of rulings and even caught a mistake I made with vega's effect (which was completely unintentional by the way)

- Focus: 5/5

aware of every move I performed and aware of the utilization of the cards he was dealt with

- Use of cards: 9/10
Player made intelligent move towards eliminating my Number 81

- Siding: 0/10
Player did not side
- Attitude: 5/5

No comment


- General Knowledge and Ruling Score: 10/10


Overall Total: ?/100
0 - 60 Valkyria
61-70 Dark Magician Girl
71-80 Dark Magician
81-90 Dark Magic
Win Chaos Tourney for Chaos Dorm

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Dark Magician Girl's test results
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